Pat Huntoon

Pat Huntoon

Pat Huntoon originally started life in the “business world” and considered herself anti-craft. After quitting her corporate job in the ‘90s, she started crafting as an outlet for her creativity. Since discovering scrapbooking and stamping, she has never looked back. She designs, manufactures, and sells the Technique Junkies stamp line.

Pat regards her stamping style to be classic, elegant, and very technique based. She loves experimenting with new products and seeing what kind of crazy results she can get. While learning how to stamp, she avidly studied her favorite artists. She would copy their style until her own started to emerge.

Creating new techniques and sharing her discoveries with the stamping world gives Pat great joy. Creating her own stamp and product lines has long been a dream of hers, and she considers herself to be the luckiest person in the world. She finds pure happiness is the ability to design, share, and teach within the stamping community.

Married for 30 years to the love of her life, Pat resides with him in Stamford, Connecticut with their two dogs, Ajax and Comet. They have two adult sons and are a very close-knit family. She feels that their shared sense of humor and love have helped them get through life together.

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