Jennifer Jennington

Jennifer Jennington

Jennifer JenningtonJennifer Jennington lives in a house on a golf course (to make the hubby happy) in Broadview Heights, Ohio. “Everyone needs to move somewhere at least once in their life,” she claims, “because when you do, you clean out your craft room and throw away all the stuff you’ve been saving, including that piece of paper from 12 years ago. I’m here to tell you, you’ll never make something out of that scrap paper you are keeping…throw it away! And while I’m at it, stop ‘saving’ your favorite 12x12 paper…make something with it!”

Jennifer is the owner of Stamplistic, which she says really means she is the bill payer of Stamplistic. “A big group of us make Stamplistic what it is today, and I could not be any happier with them!”

She describes her stamping style as “grunge, artistic, Swarovski sparkle, project based, and brown. I can start with any color in the world and always end up with brown or pink. I try to get out of my box, but it keeps pulling me in!”

Regarding her photo, she says, “I don’t take pictures! But come on…who wouldn’t want to take a class from the owner of this beautiful thing? (They do say that pets look like their owners, no?!)”

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