Dyan Reaveley

Dyan Reaveley

Dyan ReaveleyAlthough rumored to be a resident of England, Dyan Reaveley is more likely to be found in seat 3A of an American aircraft. She has four children and three beautiful granddaughters. Her oldest son is her business partner in the teaching studio and shop - Art From The Heart. Dyan’s youngest son is a journalist and, lucky for her, just built her a new studio in her garden. Her two daughters both work with Dyan in the Dylusions business. So, you could say they all have a close relationship.

Not only is Dyan a mother and grandmother, she is also a professional sticker and cutter outer. She was also the Harrogate pool champion in 1982 and 1984.

Dyan was studying for her law degree when suddenly became ill with myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome. She was bedridden for two years and ill for another five before recovering. While bedridden, Dyan began painting plant pots and teaching herself various crafts very slowly and very badly. She found what mattered the most was the sense of pride and achievement she felt when projects were complete. She started teaching children before moving on to adults, and set up a teaching studio, eventually releasing her own line of art products that include stamps and stencils.

The best words to describe Dyan’s stamping style would most likely be quirky, eclectic, and random. Her well documented battle with mental illness is reflected in her stamping style.

Dyan is very excited to finally teach at Stampaway where she is looking forward to making everyone just a little bit Dylusional.

From Dyan: "Life is art, live yours in colour"

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Check out more from Dyan on her website: Dyan-Reaveley.blogspot.com

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