Nancy Curry: Merry Everything

Merry Everything, Thursday 5:30-8:30p

Merry Everything

When: Thursday, August 8, 5:30p - 8:30p

Instructor: Nancy Curry

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

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Variegated alcohol inks are simply stunning on glass ornament balls. This class will start with an alcohol ink color and media primer and then will move to surface prep, 3–4 surface design processes, substrate choices, and preservation sealant options. Students will have time to complete 4–5 regular-sized ornaments and a bonus mini ornament with a surprise technique. These whimsical orbs are not just for the holidays anymore! Choice of color and extra embellishments can make them unique accent pieces in your home décor.

Bring: 6 bottles of alcohol ink (analogous colors or triads work the best), egg carton, and plastic or cardboard shoe box for transport.

Optional: locking tweezers and small crystal embellishments.

Her work can be viewed on her website at

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds for classes once they have been purchased.

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