Wendy Vecchi

Wendy Vecchi

Wendy VecchiWendy Vecchi and her high school sweetheart live in the very small town (population 3,300) of Oglesby, Illinois, which is about 200 miles southwest of Chicago. They live in the country on five acres that they call Green Acres, just like the TV show. Her husband has two horses, and they have permanent houseguests in the form of two cats, Ranger and Spector (named after the TV show Suits).

Wendy is a retired surgery nurse manager who has since become a full time artsy person, designer, stamper, ink lover, business owner, demo chick, frequent flyer, shoe buyer, and flea market/antique store lover. Besides being a show addict, her only other vice is loving to play blackjack. In fact, she once won a blackjack tournament in Aruba!

In 2000, Wendy saw a stamping demo at a craft show and was blown away by the heat embossing tool. She was instantly hooked and thought she would save tons of money by making her own cards. As we all know, that isn’t the case.

She describes her stamping style using the words mixed media, layered, inky, and technique lover. Her explanation? Because this is what comes out when she starts! Wendy feels she has the best job, working for the best companies: Stampers Anonymous and Ranger. Lucky for her that inks need stamps and stamps need inks!

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Keep up with the latest from Wendy by visiting her blog: Studio490

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