Tanya Kostynuk

Tanya Kostynuk

Tanya KostynukTanya Kostynuk is one of those teachers who just radiates fun and happiness, which is also how she defines her stamping style. She has three objectives when teaching classes: (1) that her students have the most fun they will have all day, (2) that they have plenty of time to finish their projects, and (3) that there is plenty of coffee available. She feels that depending on the day, number 3 is usually the key to number 1 and number 2.

Tanya attended college on an art scholarship but then became a business major and earned her MBA. She was introduced to stamping by a friend in 2004 through a home-based company and was hooked! Later that year, she opened her own store and operated it until 2017 when the lease was up.

Residing in Shawnee, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City), Tanya keeps busy running three companies. She owns Riley & Company; she and her partner, Sue, own Prickley Pear; and she recently partnered with Karen Burniston to create KB Riley LLC. Most people don’t realize that Tanya is actually 87 years old, but she wears a great moisturizer!

Riley & Co on Facebook

Lots more on Tanya's websites: www.RileyAndCompanyOnline.com and www.PrickleyPear.com

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