Sarah Justison

Sarah Justison

Sarah JustisonSarah Justison wears many hats at The Paper Cut…including owner, but also teacher, designer, creative director, human resources, office manager, quality control…basically does it all, BUT loves the creative and teaching part of it the most. Together with her husband Ron, they started The Paper Cut about 23 years ago out of their home. She went to her first D.O.T.S. party (yes, that long ago if you remember those) and he worked for a printer and was knowledgeable in paper cutting and die cutting. They blended the two and The Paper Cut was born and has grown into the business you know today, which operates out of a warehouse after it outgrew their home shortly after it started.

Sarah has a simpler style of stamping and does a lot of layering in her designs. Although, every once and awhile she goes outside the box and will get “techniquey”, lately enjoying alcohol inks (which are actually a blast from the past, as she knew them when they were pantone inks) and watercolors. When asked if she stamps “for fun”, well yes…its always fun to do something you love! She also loves teaching and sharing her love for stamping and designing with the other stampers … many of whom have become friends over the years!

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