Sandi Obertin

Sandi Obertin

Sandi ObertinSandi and her husband Lynn live in Pleasant Prairie, WI. Pleasant Prairie is located in the southeast corner of Wisconsin between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their home is approximately a mile from Lake Michigan. She is the fifth of seven children...three sisters, one brother, Sandi, one sister and one "baby" brother.  She met Lynn in high school and he says it was "love at first sight" which she never tires of hearing. They have two lovely daughters.  Jennifer is an artist and Lisa, who is two years older than Jennifer, and is the mother of their three grandboys and two grand dogs.

Sandi is currently the designer of art materials for the school industry. She was once the owner/CEO of three different retail art gallery/gift shops. She worked with a many different artists on any given day. Sandi was lucky enough to see and sell an abundance of beautiful hand-crafted artwork over the years and met some wonderful people while doing so.

According to Sandi, “I may have come out of the womb creating artwork...I just always have created things.” Her stamping style is "out of the box". She stamps this way because she always wants to find new ways to use art supplies, materials and techniques. Sandi doesn’t consider herself "cookie cutter".  When teaching, she loves to challenge students to find new ways to express their creativity and use her innovations for inspiration.

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