Nancy Curry

Nancy Curry

Nancy CurryNancy Curry has been immersed in the art world for the last 20 years. Not only does she teach, but she also designs, sells, and writes about art. Inspired by MaryJo McGraw and Kristen Powers when they taught in St. Louis, she was quickly sucked into the rabbit hole of the stamping world.

Her contemporary design style is full of visual texture and rooted in mixed media. She feels her artwork has flow and whimsy, and much of it can be considered timeless. Nancy likes to add verbiage that is meaningful to her at the time, and she hopes the viewer will look below the layers for their own meaning.

Nancy has attended Stampaway since 1996 and taught media-focused classes since 2001. She wants to help her students hear their own unique voices while learning the class techniques. She encourages her students to listen to their fellow classmates’ voices as well.

Residing in Lake St. Louis, Missouri, Nancy has a wonderful non-arty husband, Jim, and an almost physical therapist daughter, Sam, whom you may catch helping her in the classes at Stampaway. Nancy also has two standard poodles, who assist her in the studio.

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