Marsha Bichler

Marsha Bichler

Marsha BichlerAn inhabitant of Arlington, Tennessee (a suburb of Memphis), Marsha Bichler has been married to her husband, Del, for 29 years. They have four sons, three granddaughters, and one grandson (who is always told that he is Marsha’s favorite grandson—but he’s only five, so he is sure he will catch on soon).

Marsha retired from her occupation of quality assurance in manufacturing in 2006. Although she had never crafted before 2006, after she retired, she learned to stamp and create art at a local scrapbooking store (which closed in 2012) and from a group of very talented women who are her “students” in her monthly class.

Marsha considers her stamping and paper crafting style to be clean and simple. This will be her third year teaching at Stampaway. Many of the same students were in Marsha’s classes the first two years, and she looks forward to seeing them again this year.

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