Lynn Obertin

Lynn ObertinLynn Obertin is the first of nine children. He is married to Sandi and they have two adult daughters, Lisa and Jennifer. Lisa is the mother of their three grandchildren, Jason, Jordan, and Christian (who is a very talented artist). Lynn is a retired high school art teacher who still substitute teaches art, along with assisting special needs students.

While in elementary school, Lynn became interested in and then started creating art. This fascination has continued throughout his life and he has worked and taught with all sorts of art mediums only excluding glass blowing. He considers his stamping style to be innovative and non-traditional and chooses to use rubber stamps in a way that will enhance the wide range of art techniques he has experience with.

During his creative career, Lynn traveled down to Florida to make porcelain dragons for Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom at Disney Orlando. His wife and children loved the benefit of tagging along to Florida and Disney.

More about Lynn on his company's website:

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