Judi Watanabe

Judi Watanabe

Judi WatanabeJudi Watanabe, co-owner and Operations Manager of Judikins Inc in Los Angeles, California, is a collector of fountain and dip pens and a great fan of ice cream. She is only one of a huge extended family that easily fills restaurants and banquets when celebrating a special event, such as an uncle’s 100th birthday. Judi describes her immediate family as industrious, hard-working, and creative.

While in college, Judi learned a great lesson from her favorite college professor Jack Minar, who said, “To be a good leader, you should surround yourself with talented people.” She makes it a point to strive for that at Judikins Inc.

Judi has always enjoyed making things and was surrounded by people that were knowledgeable about making stuff. Her dad taught her that it was okay to ask questions, so as a result, Judi was always asking how things were made. She considers her stamping style to be simply elegant, because it’s fast, easy, and produces great results. Judikins has been a participant at every Stampaway since the beginning in 1993.

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More about Judi on her website: www.JudiKins.com

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