Cyndi Duncan

Cyndi Duncan

Cyndi DuncanCyndi Duncan confesses that she is not much of a stamper (gasp!). Instead, she is more likely to use rubber stamps from time to time in a collage fashion, not to create greeting cards. Cyndi has always thought of herself as an artist, crafter, and entrepreneur. Arts and crafts were always her favorite part of the day when at school, camp, or an extracurricular activity. She fondly remembers creating jewelry from Indian corn pieces in elementary school and then selling them to neighbors and friends. Although her dad tried to steer her towards art in college, she was intimidated by fine art. When Cyndi’s mom passed away a few years ago, she became motivated to start taking art classes at least once or twice a year.

Cyndi currently resides in Hudson, Ohio, with her husband of 28 years. She has two daughters, one away at college and the other leaving for college in the fall. She also lives with two dogs and two cats. She spends part of her time caring for her father and the other part teaching drawing to school-age children in an afterschool enrichment program.

Passing along the things she has learned and projects she has designed is one of Cyndi’s great pleasures. Although she didn’t pursue art in college, she studied education and taught high school Spanish before her children were born. In fact, Cyndi lived and studied in Seville, Spain, during college. While publishing Altered Arts magazine, she still found time to teach as much as possible. She feels that teaching is her passion and shows in her classes.

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