Carolyn Dube

Carolyn Dube

Carolyn DubeCurrently living in a small town in Indiana, Carolyn Dube has been married to a goofy guy for 25 years and has two grown girls. She is happily occupied being a full-time artist. Before she established herself as an artist, Carolyn had been a jewelry wholesaler, owned a pizzeria, taught in public school, and was a technology consultant.

Carolyn has been stamping since she was a teenager and owes it all to her mom. As she tells it, her mother loved rubber stamping back in ancient times, when rubber stamps didn’t have any foam cushion. They were just red rubber glued to wood. Carolyn spent her days at Stamp Your Art Out in Cincinnati finding new treasures to play with. Over the years, she tried just about every supply there was and settled on mixed media because it was a way to use everything!

She describes her stamping style as colorful and playful. Carolyn feels that stamping and creating helps her get in touch with the joy, the fun, and the happiness that can get tamped down by the stress and pressures of everyday life. There is never a mistake in any of her workshops. Instead, she considers them O.O.P.S.: Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly. Carolyn makes OOPSies all the time and loves where they take her.

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