Delightfully Dylusional Dyalog 2

Delightfully Dylusional Dyalog 2, Friday 1:30-4:30p

Delightfully Dylusional Dyalog 2

When: Friday, August 10, 1:30p - 4:30p

Instructor: Dyan Reaveley

Level: Beginner

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Come and enter the quirky and Dylusional world of Dylusions. We will start by making stunning backgrounds with inks and paints, and then decorating them with Dy’s fabulously eclectic stamp images and quotes. Add a sprinkle of shimmer, a spoon full of doodles, and a touch of magic to create a stunning project!

Bring: black and white journaling pens.

Loads more about Dyan on her blog:

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